At Synergon our VISION is for a world that’s safer because talented information security people are in place in all levels of societies, and in all types of organizations, to lead, innovate, provide technical and non-technical knowledge and skills, and other personal and professional resources.
Our MISSION it to fortify the people side of cybersecurity through
- niche employment solutions;
-education, training, certification, internship and mentorship resources
-promotion of the industry, and
-support for the industry’s growth, development and maturation.

At Synergon we believe that in many ways, your career defines who you are.  It is often through your career that you achieve a sense of accomplishment as you deliver goods and services that contribute to society.  Your career provide a means by which you support yourselves, your family, and causes that are close to your heart. Important relationships are formed through your career that cover titles such as mentor, manager, coach and friend.  Our firm is shaped by the valuable role of the career and as such we strive to deliver uncompromised service with the highest regard for your needs. Whether you are a client with one or multiple career opportunities or you are a candidate passionate about cybersecurity and looking for a new opportunity, we are here to serve you!

We are a diverse team with over 25 years of global experience in both the public and private sectors spanning the range of Hiring Manager, Recruiter, and industry professionals.  We direct our energy toward connecting with the most elite cybersecurity professionals  and matching them with the world's greatest companies.  Our goal is to alleviate the challenges and worries associated with hiring and finding employment.  That's why we take pride in the relationships that we build with you!