We focus on one thing and one thing only-cybersecurity.  We understand the roles, the challenges, the technologies, and the rapidly changing threat landscape.  Most importantly though, is that we know the people and take time to learn their goals and passions, and understand what motivates them.  

Likewise, it's critical that we know the company, so we ask questions, research, and keep abreast of the industry to understand companies' culture, technologies, projects, social mission, annual goals and more.  Our success is built upon identifying alignment along these critical factors to deliver employment solutions for clients and candidates.

We fill roles like:

  • Solution Architect  which may also go by any of the following titles: Cybersecurity Architect| Information Security Architect | Network Security Architect
  • Network Security Engineer which may also go by any of the following titles: Cybersecurity Engineer | Systems Engineer 
  • Cybersecurity Analyst which may also go by any of the following titles:  Information Security Analyst | Security Analyst | IT Security Analyst| Senior Security Analyst | Incident Analyst
  • Information Security Specialist which may also go by any of the following titles: IT Security Specialist | IT Specialist-Information Security 
  • IT Security Consultant which may also go by any of the following titles: Senior Consultant | Security Specialist | Security Consultant

We know the people, the processes, the problems and deliver the SOLUTIONS AND WE'RE PROUD OF THAT! 

Looking for something short-term? Or is it a long-term project you're thinking  about?  Our  temporary (temp) or contract solutions might be just right.

Do you want to preview before committing? Your solution might be temp-to-hire or contract-to-hire.

Are you looking for a permanent arrangement? We can help you with permanent placement or direct hire solutions.