Our CyberCareer Assessment is a GAME CHANGER! It generates a Knowledge-Skills-Abilities Profile based upon the full spectrum of  credentials: cybersecurity work experience; academic degrees; association and industry certifications; digital badges; certificates; microcredentials; apprenticeship credentials; licenses; endorsements; registrations and more. The Knowledge-Skills-Abilities Profile can inform you of roles that Talent is qualified to fill NOW! That makes it far less likely that qualified candidates are overlooked-and that's very important in this market where the demand for qualified cybersecurity talent far exceeds the supply.


We focus on only one thing - CYBERSECURITY and fill roles like:

Cybersecurity Architect | Security Architect | Information Security Architect | Network Security Architect

Senior Security Architect | IT  Security Architect | Cybersecurity Engineer | Systems Engineer |

Network Security Engineer | Cyber Security Architect

Cybersecurity Analyst | Information Security Analyst | Security Analyst | IT Security Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst | Senior Security Analyst | Incident Analyst

Senior Consultant | Security Specialist | Security Consultant

Information Security Consultant | IT Security Consultant

IT Auditor | Senior IT Auditor | IT Audit Manager | IT Audit Consultant

IT Internal Auditor | Incident Analyst/Responder | Incident Team Lead | Technical Incident Team Lead

Principal Information Security Analyst - Incident Management

IT Security Project Manager | Senior Information Security Analyst - Incident Management


We know the people, the processes, the problems and deliver the SOLUTIONS AND WE'RE PROUD OF THAT! 

Looking for something short-term? Or is it a long-term project you're thinking  about?  Our  temporary (temp) or contract solutions might be just right.

Do you want to preview before committing? You solution might be temp-to-hire or contract-to-hire.

Are you looking for a permanent arrangement? We can help you with permanent placement or direct hire solutions.