A Message from the US Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is helping veterans join our nation’s cybersecurity workforce. Our nation is under attack. Cyber attacks cost the average US company more than $15.4 million per year—and the damage affects more than just the company attacked. The recent Office of Management Personnel (OPM) data breach cost the government more than $133 Million just to protect employees from identity theft, not including the hundreds of millions of dollars lost to fixing the breach and putting more security measures in place. Our nation needs more cybersecurity professionals to protect networks in both government and industry. Veterans bring a unique understanding of defense tactics and exposure to team environments that make them high potential recruits into cybersecurity. This is why we are offering your veteran members a variety of resources including FREE training, scholarships, and a path to a new rewarding career.

Synergon is pleased to offer veterans valuable opportunities and resources. Click the Veterans Guide button above to receive, Cybersecurity Training and Education Guide for Veterans, which provides access to free training, information on scholarships, and other resources to help you launch a new career in protecting our nation’s information systems.

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