Your resume speaks on your behalf LONG before you ever have an opportunity to communicate your skills to a hiring manager or interview team in person.  This is why it is so critical that you make a strong impression with your resume. We recommend the following:

  • TOOT YOUR HORN or brag, brag, brag! It will separate you from the crowd and tell the reviewing party that you are mission driven and have a history of accomplishing great feats. 


  • QUALIFY AND QUANTIFY your achievements since numbers make your story clearer.  You might include:

       •    Dollar amount of high budget projects
       •    Percentage of decrease in expenditures
       •    Percentage improvement in incidents
       •    Percentage of increase of sales, profit.             

  • CONSOLIDATE experience that dates back further than ten years if the responsibilities were similar. List the job titles and employer; followed by a bulleted list of duties/accomplishments .

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